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Architecture studio in Xirivella, Valencia with more than 25 years of experience, we offer personalized treatment for any type of architectural project.


New construction

We seek that your home, your business or your environment is the best possible. We analyze the possibilities and obtain an effective relationship between the investment and the singularity of the result.

We offer a study of the environment, the implementation and the resulting spaces to achieve the objectives set by the client.

The houses that we design, whether private or collective, always have unique interior spaces adapted to the requirements of the promoters, without losing sight of creativity and innovation in all aspects of the creative process. All this with a strict adaptation to the maximum investments that have to be made, always optimizing the relationship between the final result and the derived expense.


Our initial approach always goes through an exhaustive analysis of the building with all its constructive and structural characteristics. We study the relationship: finishes / investment to advise on the needs of the building itself and the possibilities offered by the configuration of spaces depending on the greater or lesser intervention on the original structures and distributions.

We have extensive knowledge about the old construction systems and their possibilities, both structural and surface finishes. We always start from an original idea about the definitive spaces, either to obtain a modern and new finish or with an aspect that recalls the first moments of the building in its time. All this without losing sight of the fact that the result must be energy efficient.

Integral reform

Comprehensive reform projects always start from exhaustive data collection, to have all the objective information about the construction, its structure, its finishes and its limits.

Once the blank paper is available, it is projected in search of the needs program established by the promoter. We are looking for new spaces that represent a radical change in the architectural image of the property, which is why we show examples of interventions in other properties with images taken from the same point of view of the “Before” and “After” of the intervention.

Any comprehensive reform requires an important previous demolition, which is carried out with a previous analysis to guarantee structural safety.


The design of the furniture in our projects has always been focused on its adaptation to the rooms they serve, either as fixed elements or as articulators of the spaces. We always try to use solid wood with great visibility and Mahogany has been the one that we have used the most times but we have also integrated a wide variety of white lacquered furniture.

From the precise design to the choice of the elements for use, such as handles, hinges, glass, etc., we always seek complete integration with the space in which they are to be placed without losing sight of their possible mobility and adaptation to other places.


Piscina en El Vedat2023-09-04T15:28:51+00:00
Centro Cultural Ernest Lluch2023-09-04T15:29:25+00:00
Brise Soleil Fotovoltaico Instituto en Aldaia 20022023-09-04T15:29:31+00:00
Reforma en Calle Colón, Valencia2023-09-04T15:30:05+00:00
Hotel Finest, Punta Cana2023-09-04T15:30:14+00:00
Edificio Xaloc La Font d´en Carrós2023-09-04T15:30:51+00:00
Edificio Viento Loriguilla2023-09-04T15:30:58+00:00


Who we are

Architecture studio in Xirivella and Valencia with more than 25 years of experience, our studio offers personalized treatment for any type of architectural project, whether new construction or renovation. Each project is analyzed based on the needs of the promoters and the limits established by them. We always carry out a prior study to see the best solution in the environment and achieve the uniqueness that each space deserves.

In the renovations, the study covers everything from the supporting structure, to the facilities and to the smallest detail of the finishes. We have a wide catalog of alternative solutions to the usual typologies and appropriate materials for each room.

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